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WPT Water Cooled Auxiliary W24-04-304 Drilling Rig Brake System

WPT Water Cooled Auxiliary W24-04-304 Drilling Rig Brake System

  • WPT Water Cooled Auxiliary W24-04-304 Drilling Rig Brake System
WPT Water Cooled Auxiliary W24-04-304 Drilling Rig Brake System
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ATO
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 24WCB2
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets
Packaging Details: Wooden
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1set/month
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Detailed Product Description
Product: WPT Water-cooled Brakes/Auxiliary Brake P/N: W24-04-304
Application: Drilling Rig & Workover Industry: Drilling Oil & Gas
High Light:

W24-04-304 Drilling Rig Brake System


WPT Drilling Rig Brake System


W24-04-304 water cooled brake

Drilling rig brake system WPT Water-cooled brakes/Auxiliary brake

WPT Water-cooled brakes/Auxiliary brake
product name P/N unit type product name P/N unit type
Mounting flange assembly W24-04-304 24WCB2 Mounting flange assembly W36-04-307 36WCB2
Mounting flange W24-04-305 24WCB2 Mounting flange W36-04-301 36WCB2
Stator disc/Tongpan W24-11-307 24WCB2 Stator disc/Tongpan W36-11-301 36WCB2
Stator disc bolt X20-08-054 24WCB2 Stator disc bolt X20-08-123 36WCB2
Stator disc nut X20-20-004 24WCB2 Stator disc nut X20-20-016 36WCB2
Force transfer screw X20-01-002 124WCB2 Force transfer screw X20-01-011 136WCB2
Force transfer screw X20-01-001 224WCB2 Force transfer screw X20-01-007 236WCB2
Force transfer screw X20-01-005 324WCB2 Force transfer screw X20-01-012 336WCB2
Force transfer screw X20-01-006 424WCB2 Force transfer screw X20-01-013 436WCB2
brake disc assembly W24-08-304 24WCB2 brake disc assembly W36-08-303 36WCB2
brake friction disc W24-07-301 W24-07-302 24WCB2 brake friction disc W36-07-301 W36-07-302 36WCB2
brake disc core W24-08-303 24WCB2 brake disc core W36-08-302 36WCB2
clamp W24-09-302 124WCB2 clamp W36-09-301 136WCB2
clamp W24-09-301 224WCB2 clamp W36-09-300 236WCB2
clamp W24-09-303 324WCB2 clamp W36-09-302 336WCB2
clamp W24-09-307 424WCB2 clamp W36-09-303 436WCB2
Compaction disk assembly W24-11-309 24WCB2 Compaction disk assembly W36-11-314 36WCB2
Compaction disk W24-11-306 24WCB2 Compaction disk W36-11-302 36WCB2
flat washer X20-27-001 24WCB2 flat washer X20-27-010 36WCB2
nut X20-20-030 24WCB2 nut X20-20-043 36WCB2
Airbag fixing disc W24-02-304 24WCB2 Airbag fixing disc W36-02-301 36WCB2
gasbag W25-20-900 24WCB2 gasbag W36-20-901 36WCB2
plate W24-03-305 24WCB2 plate W36-03-301 36WCB2
gear W24-01-306 124WCB2 gear W36-01-303 36WCB2
gear W24-01-305 224WCB2 gear W36-01-302 36WCB2
gear W24-01-304 324WCB2 gear W36-01-304 36WCB2
gear W24-01-307 424WCB2 gear W36-01-307 36WCB2
wear ring W24-33-300 24WCB2 wear ring W36-33-300 36WCB2
Static disk core assembly (intermediate water sleeve assembly) W24-11-308 24WCB2 Static disk core assembly (intermediate water sleeve assembly) W36-11-313 36WCB2
Internal o seal X12-70-376 24WCB2 Internal o seal X12-70-374 36WCB2

WPT Water Cooled Auxiliary W24-04-304 Drilling Rig Brake System 0
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