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Hydraulic Complete Disk Brake Drilling Rig Drawworks 35-440 KN M

Hydraulic Complete Disk Brake Drilling Rig Drawworks 35-440 KN M

  • Hydraulic Complete Disk Brake Drilling Rig Drawworks 35-440 KN M
Hydraulic Complete Disk Brake Drilling Rig Drawworks 35-440 KN M
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
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Packaging Details: Wooden box
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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Detailed Product Description
Working Brake Torque(kN M): 35-440 Parking Brake Torque(kN M): 25-360
Emergency Brake Torque(kN M): 60-800 Power Producer: Electronically/Hydraulic/Combination Hydraulic Station
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Disk Brake Drilling Rig Drawworks


Hydraulic Drilling Rig Drawworks


Drilling Rig Drawworks 440 KN M

Hydraulic Complete Disk Brake


Composition and functions of the product
PSK series Hydraulic disc brake is composed of four parts:
1. Brake execute unit
2. Hydraulic power unit
3. Operating control device
4.Connecting lines and cables

PSK series hydraulic disc brake can be used for different kinds of braking required for operations of drilling and workover rigs.
1. Service braking:  control braking force through handle and realize drill bit feeding and tripping of different brake torques in
drilling/workover operation.
2. Parking braking:  temporary parking braking for drilling and workover rigs and meet the weight demand for suspending the
largest drilling rig.
3.Emergency braking: emergency braking of drilling and workover rigs
4.Accumulator braking:  emergency braking of drilling and workover rigs in a short time in case of unexpected failure of hydraulic power supply.

5. Protection braking:  various types of protection braking such as over-wind anti-collision, anti-smashing, power failure, gas
interruption and loss of pressure through electro-hydraulic-pneumatic sianal.

Product features
1. Brake caliper has the strongest braking capacity among products of the same type in China, enjoys sufficient braking reserve coefficient
and reliable braking performance.
2.There are various clearance adjustments methods for users’selection. such as hydraulic adjustment. fat injection adjustment. thread
mechanical adustment and hvdraulic automatic compensationf is throuah these methods that brake interval can be reaulated convenientlv
quickly and accurately.
3. Brake caliper. with small overall dimensions. can be installed and maintained simply: brake block can be replaced conveniently.
4. Optimized brakina control curve and hiah control accuracy can realize remote automatic control.
5. PSK series brake caliper. which is serialized and standardized. can meet various demands of drilling and workover rigs in multiple workino
conditions such as and. ocean. desert and low temperature.
6.There are various brake discs, e.g. air cooling type. water cooling type and strong cooling type. applicable to different drilling conditions.
7. There are various types of hydraulic power unit; the configuration can meet the combined hydraulic power supply required for disc brake
drilling rig and other equipment.
8. The tailor-made brake block. with excellent friction performance, can be replaced conveniently.
9. Dominant elements of system are purchased around the world. which ensures the reliability of eauipment.



Basic parameters Disk Brake Model   PS440 PS295 PS240/4 PS165/3 PS140 PS75 PS50 PS40 PS35
For Drilling Rig   ZJ120 ZJ90 ZJ70 ZJ50 ZJ40 ZJ30 ZJ20 ZJ15 ZJ10
For Workover Rig   - - - - XJ2250 XJ1800
Working brake torque(kN m)   440 295 240 165 140 75 50 40 35
Parking brake torque(kN m)   360 225 130 100 70 60 50 30 25
Emergency brake torque(kN m)   800 520 370 265 210 135 100 70 60
Configuration Operation Parts Brake Disk Dia(mm) 2200 1900 1650 1600 1500 1450 1300 1200 1100
Thickness(mm) 75 75/40 60/40
Type of cooling water-cooling/air-cooling
Brake Caliper Type A2/G/S A1/G/S A/G/S A/C2/S C2/C1/S
Qty working caliper 6 6 6 4 4 2 2 2 2
safety caliper 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 1 1
Hydraulic Power Producer System Pressure(MPa) 9 8 7 8
Power Producer Electronically/Hydraulic/Combination hydraulic station
Working Medium 10 °c ~60 °c: HM46# antiwear hydraulic oil
-20 °c ~10 °c: HM32# antiwear hydraulic oil
-45 °c ~20 °c: HM10# aviation hydraulic oil
Control Unit Control Method Electrohydraulic control / Liquid control / Automatic drilling control


Hydraulic Complete Disk Brake Drilling Rig Drawworks 35-440 KN M 0

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