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Solid control system drilling pump spray pump

Solid control system drilling pump spray pump

  • Solid control system drilling pump spray pump
  • Solid control system drilling pump spray pump
  • Solid control system drilling pump spray pump
  • Solid control system drilling pump spray pump
Solid control system drilling pump spray pump
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ATO
Certification: API
Model Number: 32SB180J-2.2
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets
Packaging Details: Wooden
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50sets
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Drilling Certificate: API
Name: Spray Pump Type: 32SB180J-2.2
Flow: 7.5m³/h Life: 10m
Efficiency: 48% Speed: 1420r/min
Power Of Shaft: 0.55KW Motor Power: 2.2KW

Installation and Operation Instructions for Spraying pump

Ⅰ General

Spraying pump is a kind of equipment especislly matched for mud pump for oil drilling,with the function of flushing and cooling sleeve and pistons in the procdess of pump operation,as well as include the other situation for transportation mud.

Ⅱ Technical Data










Power of shaft


Motor Power(kw)
32SB180J-2.2 7.5 10 48 1420 0.55 2.2
32SB180J-4 9 14 48 1440 0.72 4
32SB180J-5.5 9 14 48 1440 0.72 5.5
32PL 7.5 10 48 1420 0.43  
40SB180J-3 15 10 53 1420 0.77 3
40SB180J-4 20 10 53 1440 1.0 4

Ⅲ Primary Structure

Sand pump(Spraying pump) mainly consists of pump body,mechanically sealed pump cover,mechanical seal,impeller and pump base,etc.Advantages in its structure mainly include;mechanical sesling is adopted to ensure operation without leakage;In addition,the pump has two_drive type:motor direct drive and pulley drive.

Solid control system drilling pump spray pump 0





1.Pump body 2.Cap nut 3.Washer. 4.Impeller 5.Pump cover 6.Mechanical 7. Machine sealing gland 8.Oil seal 9.Bearing cover 10.Shaft 11.Nameplate 12.Bearing 13.Pump base

Outline,structure and installation dimensions



Solid control system drilling pump spray pump 1




Installation,Operation and Maintenance


(1) Installation loction of pump shall be as near to the pumping source as possible,to shorten length of the suction section and reduce suction loss.Pump installation shall be horizontal,firm,reliable and vibration _prevention.

(2) Installation of shaft coupling (for motor straight unite drive)Service life of pump and motor depends on alignment of elastic shaft coupling,installation error with pump and motor shaft require to parallel limit offset no more than 0.25mm axes corner meet error no more than 0.12mm. If inspect result mistake,adjust degree of tihttness of pump and motor′s install bolt or tray iron,to put up axes tune.When square with frank rule process inspect to reach require.

(3)When use strap wheel,two strap wheel axle should parallel,and no more than 2mm with end error;shrap must alignment,degree of tightness equal;motor shall be balanced and locked-in.

(4)Installation of pipeline

a,Inlet pipeline section area must larger than pump sever area,or equal to pump sever area.

b,Suction pipeline shall not be fitted with any throttle valve but can be equipped with a normal open valve to minimize disorder of fluid flow,which may bi closed only when the pump is disassembled for inspection/repair.

c,In order to prevent bubble in suction pipeline,gradual transition from high altitude to low altitude shall be available between between the pumping source and the pump.If the user needs to use the pump nuder the condition that there is a suction height,please use a vacuum pump or a bottom valve for water drawing.

d,Pipeline at pump inlet must be horizontal and straight,with a length of at least twice as diameter of the suction pipeline.

e,When temporarily using a hosepipe for suction pipeline,ensure that the osepipe will not be compressed,because pressure in the suction pipeline is generally lower than the atmospheric pressure.If the hosepipe is compressed,as it is affected by the atmospheric pres_sure,flow will be reduced and even intercepted.

f,Outlet pipeline shall be fitted with a normal open valve,

g,Each pipeline (including inlet pipeline)must be with its own support.It is strictly forbidden to let a pump bear weight of any pipeline.

h,When operation condition is unclear or unstable,outlet pipeline must be equipped with a throttle valve,to ensure that pump operates at the design point.


(1) Preparation

a,Manually turn pump shaft,to ensure smooth operation with any grating.

b,Fill the pump body and inlet pipeline with fluid to bleed off air.

c,No-load running time of the pump cannot exceed 5s.The pump must run under the condition of being filled with liquid.Otherwise,the mechanical seal may be damaged.

(2) Startup and operation

a,Surely right rotation start the prime mover and gradually open the gate valve to the required position to operation is made.

b,Stop the machine in case that there is noise or other abnormal phenomena occurring in operation.

(3) Lubrication and maintain daily

a,Bearing lubrication

Bearing shall be lubrication with universal lithium _based grease,must replace the grease for evdry 1500 hours′operation.

b,For winter nonuse,cmpletely drain water deposited in the pump avoid frost crack of pump case.

3,Maintain and Maintenance

(1) Disassembly(refer to structural drawings)

a,Remove nameplate and pump body′s coupling bolt,remove pump body(1).

b,Disassemble impeller:first remove impeller nut(2),and stop washer(3) then,remove impeller(4).

c,Sealed pump cover(5)and mechanical seal(6);remove the packing gland(7).

d,Remove two bearing glands(13).

e,With cuprum stick or wood block padding the shaft end,from left towards right,remove shaft(10)and bearing components from pump base(11)(do not damage shaft shoulder).

(2) Inspection

a,Impeller:for serious caviations (especially main leaf),excessive corrosion,ablation or breakage,impeller should be replace.

b,Shaft:when radial run out exceeds 0.05mm,oil seal location is seriously abraded,or shaft screw thread,groove,,pedestal site or other surface is damaged,it is required to repair shaft,when the shaft cannot be repaired,replace the shaft.

c,Oil seal:disassembled oil seal must be replaced

d,bearing:excessively worn bearing,excessively tight/loose bearing or that produces nose when operating must be replaced(a new bearing may be unpacked only at the time of replacement.Therefore,the bearing used for replacement must be with the same type and dimensions of the original bearing to be replaced).

(3) Assembly(refer to structural drawings)

a,Before assembly,all parts,especially screw thread,bearing and bearing lubricating points,should be carefully washed.In addition,the rough parts should be polished with fine gauze.

b,Fist assemble the besring and bearing gland at dynamic end install shaft with bearing into the pump base at left.

c,Then,mount bearing gland,breakwater ring,apply a thin layer of anti_attrition agent to shaft.

d,Assenble mechanically sealed pump cover and mecl anically seal.

e,Mount impeller,pay attention to clearance between impeller back and mechanically seal pump cover,tighten lock nut.

f,Mount pump body,tighten fast bolt.

g,Assembly order is just the reverse of disassembly,after assembly,manually turn shaft,and each part shall be without any blockage.

(4) Faults and Troubleshooting

a,Mechanically real serious leakage,serious wearing and shaft sleeve surface worn.

--Remove pump body,replacing shaft sleeve if there are over deep groove by examined,otherwise replacing mechanically real.

b,Grease serious leakage at bearing glands,poyurethane seal wearing serious.

--Eliminate:replace polyurethane oil seal.

Generic ghing,shall be replace polyurethane oil seal after pump operation 6 months.

c,Impeller run unnatural

--Resaon:impeller installation is out of standard.

--Eliminate: adjust and installation(manually turn shaft,each part shall be without any blockge,frictin).

d,Spraying pump common faults and troubleshooting schedule as follows.(Annotate:These pumps shall be used only within the design)

S/N Fault Cause Troubleshooting
1 Excessive shaft power

1.Friction between impeller and pump base end face/mechanically real pump cover.

2.Pump operates under a condition where lift is much lower than that of the design point.

1.Adjust clearance between impeller and pump base end face/mechani-cally real pump cover,to eliminate friction.

2.Gheck whether the service machine meets requirements;makd opening of the drainage valve smaller,to make pump operates at the design point.

2 Teduced lift and flow

1.Large particles block suction pipe and impeller passage.

2.Lower Speed of pump.

3.Worn impeller.

4.Excessive clearance between impeller and pump base end face,and increased leakage.

5.Too small opening of inlet valve.

1.Eliminate tamper.

2.Make pump operates at the rated speed.

3.Replace impeller.

4.Adjust clearance between impeller and pump base end face.

5.Open inlet valve wider.

3 Bearing overheat

1.Foreign substances in oil.

2.Worn bearing.

1.Replace lubricant.

2.Replace bearing.

4 Vibration and abnormal noiseduring pump operation

1.Unbalanced wearing of impeller.

2.Worn bearng.

3.Loose connection.

4.Cavitations of pump.

1.Replace impeller.

2.Replace bearing.

3.Tighten all loose parts.

4.Improve suction condition,to prevent air into pump.

5 Sealing serious leakage

1.Foreign substances in mechanically real assembly.

2.Mechanical seal installation skew.

3.Mechanical seal worn and ineffective.

1.Eliminate foreign substances and wash sealing parts.

2.Installation seal assembly again.

3.Replace mechanical seal.

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