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Vertical Cutting Dryer

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Regarding the test report of the screen, Our client send us Arabic report include the following 1- The samples are very good performance in aggressive weather , 50 c 2- The samples drilled more than 1300 m without any damage 3- Find attached photos & videos

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Vertical Cutting Dryer
Latest company news about Vertical Cutting Dryer

Cutting dryer can contribute quite a bit to improve the economics of drilling process.

In order to secure a smooth operation of drilling process and protect oil and gas formations, drilling engineers usually prepare drilling fluid tailored to the particular situation of the wells to be drilled. A good quantity of chemical and additives, usually very costly, are added to drilling fluid. As an estimate, over one million USD would be invested into the preparation of drilling fluid. It is expensive.

On the other hand, drilling cuts can take a lot of drilling fluid away from the system, the quantity can be up to about 10% of the total quantity of drilling fluid. For a continuous drilling process , the lost can be a big number. The lost drilling fluid also cause environment pollution.

Vertical cutting dryer takes drill cuts from solids control equipment and removes drilling fluid attached to the surface of drilling, send it back to drilling fluid system.

The result is pretty promising. In one of the test did in Sichuan Province, China, the content of drilling fluid on the surface of drilling cut was reduced from 15% OOC (oil on cut) before coming into cutting dryer to 5%.

Field engineer estimated that with one vertical cutting dryer, a drilling rig can save about USD 2,000 per 8 hour shift. That is USD 6,000 per day ( 3 shifts). In other words, the investment on vertical cutting dryer can be fully recovered within 3 months, a very conservative estimate.

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